Dodge Unleashes Fastest Road-Going Viper ACR Ever

Dodge is bringing back three meaningful letters to its Viper sports car for 2016—ACR. The designation stands for “American Club Racer” and dates back to 1999, the first model year that Dodge launched a Viper ACR. This enhanced version of the Viper features upgrades to make it faster on a race track.

The Revolutionary Nissan GT-LM Nismo Race Car Has Road-Car Roots

Nissan is disrupting motor sports in a big way this summer with its new GT-LM Nismo race car, set to compete in the infamously challenging 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Here is an edited interview with Ben Bowlby, Nissan LMP1 technical director, discussing the reasons why Nissan chose the unique layout for the GT-LM Nismo and the challenges it creates.

F1 Revenue Accelerates Past FIFA’s To $16.2 Billion

Revenue at Formula One has raced to a total of $16.2 billion over the past 15 years outstripping its closest rival the FIFA World Cup of soccer according to new research. The window of comparison between the two is significant as it it covers the period from the appointment of FIFA’s […]

Estimating Your Eligibility For College Merit Aid Money

Many private colleges offer academic merit aid scholarships of between $15,000 and $25,000 per year based on good grades and test scores, but estimating ahead of time what your child will get isn’t easy. Here are three examples of colleges offering a lot of money, but different ways of qualifying for it.