The Marketing Of A Presidential Candidate: Insight From A Marco Rubio Campaign Insider

The essence of a political campaign all boils down to marketing – the ability to convert insight about the voters and competitors into a superior strategic position and plan that provides real value for voters and gives your candidate a superior position in the marketplace. When conceived and executed flawlessly, the result is more votes. To better understand what it is like to market a politician, we talked to Tim O’Toole, Co-Founder of POOLHOUSE, a non-traditional ad-agency with extensive experience helping craft Republican political campaigns. They will work on a number of campaigns during the 2016 cycle, with a notable one being Marco Rubio’s bid for president.

How Numbers Can Lie

While the idea of “scientifically engineered” solutions sounds attractive, we should remember that science isn’t about certitude, but skepticism. There is never a magic formula that can solve all our problems.