EU referendum: Airbus UK chief warns Brexit would hurt jobs and investment

Aircraft firm’s Paul Kahn says company would reconsider its position in the country if Britain left the EU – putting at risk thousands of jobs

The head of Airbus in the UK has warned that the defence and aircraft company would reconsider its investment in the country in the event of Britain leaving the EU, saying such a move would be destructive with “enormous ramifications” for the UK’s long-term future.

It’s a hell of a lot more difficult, more bureaucratic and more costly to do [business] from outside the EU

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Federal Reserve says June too early to begin raising interest rates

Members of US central bank divided over state of US economy but most believed that June is premature to raise rates for first time since global recession

The state of the US economy divided members of the Federal Reserve at their April meeting but they generally agreed that June would be too early to start raising interest rates for the first time since the recession.

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