How Japan Became The Benchmark For America’s Fraudulent “Jobs Recovery”

It was one month ago when we showed how, thanks to a lot of statistical sleight of hand, Japan had completely “revised” one year of increasing nominal base wages to declining or flat at best, confirming that all the much-touted wage “improvements” heading into the Japanese election of late 2014 in which Abe was reelected by a wide margin had been purposefully fabricated to give the impression that Abenomics is working, when in reality it was… well, see the pre- and post-revision data for yourselves:

Kent Hovind In Pensacola – Looks Like No Trial On Monday

Video The retrial of Kent Hovind and Paul John Hansen on fraud and conspiracy charges was scheduled to commence on Monday in Pensacola. Last minute motions for a dismissal crafted with assistance from the United States Justice Foundation prompted the United States attorney to apply for a continuance, but  Judge Margaret Casey […]