SmartKnowledgeU Podcast #6: Deciphering the Language of Lies

Very rarely, if ever, is there a failure of regulators, a failure of central bankers, a failure of commercial bankers, failures on the war on drugs, failures in military wars, etc. because all of these institutions and people deliberately plan, execute and achieve exactly what they intend to accomplish. This is the big secret they don’t want us to realize. One of the greatest scams our “leaders” have pulled off is creating a language of lies that ironically convinces us even further believe, adopt and internalize their lies, so much so, that even many activists embrace these lies in their activism against them. For example, during the fallout of the global market crashes of 2008, I witnessed a lot of anti-banker activists protest their dastardly deeds with chants of “End Capitalism” because they believed the banker lies that capitalism and a “lack of regulation” caused the economic devastation of 2008. One of the core tenets of capitalism is a free market. If we don’t have a free market, then capitalism cannot exist. In order to have a free market, the markets, not Central Bankers, must be setting interest rates based upon free market dynamics. Consequently, it is literally impossible for a Central Bank and a free market to co-exist in the same nation. Bankers wanted people to falsely blame capitalism, free markets, and a failure of regulation for the economic crashes of 2008 in order to divert blame away from the real culprits – them. And apparently, due to the clever narratives they built with their language of lies they even succeeded in convincing anti-banker activists to promote their rubbish lies.