Labour knows it cannot risk being dragged into war with business

Analysis: while the interests of chief executives and the country may no longer be seen as synonymous, Labour knows it must tread carefully

If anyone thinks Labour does not privately care about the opinions of business, it is worth recalling what Douglas Alexander, the head of the Labour election campaign committee, said he had learned in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum.

After the no team had scored a clear but close victory, he told the Guardian: “Don’t discount the capacity of business still to have influence in the business square. It’s naive to think it does not matter at all.

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Tourism is a global force for good. It needs the best leaders at the helm

One in 11 people worldwide works in travel and tourism, but who will steer its evolution into the world’s largest sustainable sector?

Tourism is often cited as the world’s largest industry – and for good reason. One in every 11 people worldwide is employed in the sector, which contributes about 9.5% of global GDP.

It is one of the few industries that can push a significant number of developing nations to higher levels of prosperity, the World Bank Group argues. It is no wonder that 83% of global south countries cite tourism as their principal export.

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