World Bank breaks its own rules as 3.4 million people are forced off their land

Review of World Bank documents reveals electricity, water and transport projects contravened safeguards designed to protect rights of indigenous people

The World Bank has repeatedly violated its own policies on protecting the rights of indigenous people by funding projects that forced nearly 3.4 million slum-dwellers, farmers and villagers from their homes and jobs over the past decade, according to documents seen by the Guardian.

The projects, into which the bank channelled more than $60bn (

Why the Mundra power plant has given Tata a mega headache

The birth pains of ‘ultra mega power projects’ in India have pitched a conglomerate against a small fishing community – and put the World Bank on the defensive

Tata Mundra was supposed to herald a new era of cheap energy for India. Instead, to date, it has served as an example of the tension between development and traditional ways of life.

The first of 16 “ultra mega power projects” (UMPP) planned by the Indian government, Mundra – an enormous 4,150MW coal-fired power station named after the coastal area that is its planned site – would use modern technology to provide affordable electricity to five Indian states.

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