Dailymotion: How France Is Killing YouTube’s Main Competitor

Déjà vu! The French government refused, once again, to let Dailymotion – one of the country’s most successful Internet company – fall into foreign hands, urging the partially state-owned telecom operator Orange to consider an European partner instead. The French video-sharing platform was launched in March 2005 and counts today 137 […]

Bridging the Generation Gap in Company Volunteering

Do Millennials, Generation X-ers and Boomers approach corporate volunteerism in different ways? Considering the generational differences around other areas of the workplace, it’s not surprising to see those differences extend to corporate volunteering and giving programs as well. Generational theorists focus on the personality characteristics of each generational group, and now these […]

Apple’s Watch: another great Team Story

Apple has always loaded the odds in its favor. Every big, audacious project that it has pursued — the Macintosh, Lisa, Newton, iPod, and the iPhone – have had one thing in common: all have had a great team behind them. A recent article in Wired, by David Pierce suggests […]

The Biggest Barrier To Change

VideoI just came back from Prague where I delivered a keynote at the Microsoft Leadership Summit around the five trends shaping the future of work. During the q&a one of the attendees asked me what I think the biggest obstacle to change is. In other words, what is keeping organizations […]