Why The Internet Of Things Will Change Everything

VideoI’ve written about the Internet of Things in several past articles. One explained everything you need to know about IoT along with an infographic and the other provided a simple explanation of IoT. Today I wanted to explore IoT even further in the latest episode of the #futurein5. We’re all familiar with […]

Tencent Partners With Foxconn In Electric Car Business

Ma Huateng, chairman of Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings, is the latest Chinese technology billionaire to foray into the nascent market for Internet-connected cars. Tencent Holdings, best known for its instant-messaging app WeChat, on Monday signed an agreement with Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry and Chinese luxury auto dealer China Harmony […]

Options Demystified: Option Pricing Made Simple

VideoOption pricing seems like an artifact of a world created by Lewis Carroll—new option investors often don’t get what they expect or expect what they get. But once you understand a few basic principles of option pricing, it becomes phenomenally simple. If you want to sell covered calls for income, protect your […]