5 Websites for College Savers

Figuring out how to get started on coming up with the cash to start saving for college is tough. Luckily, there are websites out there that can help you find details on college savings plans, future college costs, and 1. Collegesavings.org The College Savings Plan Network’s official website offers information for families […]

A Bad Slice Of Investment Advice

The strangest things happen when you’re driving to pick up a pizza. Having spent much of the day shuttling the kids around to various activities, my car radio was fixed on all things Taylor Swift, Adam Levine and Katy Perry. With a glorious 15 minute round trip by myself to pick […]

How To Solve America’s Low-Skills Crisis

A big part of the low-skills crisis is America’s obsession with getting young people to graduate high school without stringently verifying that they have the basic skills to garner meaningful employment.

According to the OECD, 60% of Americans with low skills have graduated high school. However, as the watered down state standardized tests across the U.S. confirm, one can easily graduate high school in this country knowing almost nothing.

Google’s DeepMind Masters Atari Games

A computer that taught itself to play almost 50 video games including Space Invaders and Pong is being hailed as the pinnacle of artificial intelligence. But it is unlikely to spark the Terminator-like Armageddon predicted in recent months by technology entrepreneur Elon Musk (who provided early funding for the project) […]

A-Z of the general election 2015

The general election campaign starts officially on 30 March, but the early skirmishes have already begun. Here, from the pink bus to new media and gaffes to opinion polls, is your indispensable guide to the words, thoughts and, not least, promises that will shape the political conversation over the next two months

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Poll surge for Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza as Greeks learn to smile again

Approval ratings for radical left party soar despite U-turns forced in debt talks and collapse of tax collection, but the people still expect the government to deliver

Alexis Tsipras’ left-led government may be the bane of Europe’s political establishment, but in Greece support is soaring as Athens’ new political class negotiates the country’s economic plight.

One month and three days after the tough-talking firebrand assumed power, Greeks of all political persuasions appear to like what they see. A Metron Analysis poll published on Saturday showed popularity ratings for the prime minister’s radical left Syriza party at an all-time high: from the almost 36% it won in snap polls on 25 January, support for Syriza has jumped to 47.6%, a record for a movement that only three years ago was on margins of Greek politics.

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