Apple’s Restraint A Welcome Response To Digital Health Hype

While all sorts of companies, big and small, are jumping into the wearables space, touting the potential to disrupt, transform, reinvent, and revolutionize health, Apple devotes four years and a huge amount of resource to exploring this space, then emerges with the conclusion that essentially, much of the technology isn’t quite ready for primetime.

Signup Slowdown: Obamacare Exchanges Will Gain Only 3 Million Enrollees In 2015

Last night, the White House tweeted that “about 11.4 million Americans are signed up for private health coverage” through Obamacare’s insurance exchanges. President Obama claims that this figure proves that his health law is working. But once you unravel the spin, what the latest numbers show is that the pace of enrollment in Obamacare’s exchanges has slowed down by more than half. If previous trends hold, Obamacare exchanges have enrolled slightly more than 5 million previously uninsured individuals: a far cry from 11.4 million.

15 Myths About Anti-Vaxxers, Debunked — Part 1

Alongside the measles cases that have spread across the country since late December has been a rising awareness among parents and the media of a problem that medical professionals and public health officials have been battling for years: parents who opt out of vaccinating their children, thereby weakening herd immunity […]