The Book on Billy Joel with Fred Schruers

Fred Schruers is the author of “Billy Joel: The Definitive Biography” (Crown Books). Fred has written for Rolling Stone, GQ, The Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly among many others. I’ve been friends with Fred for a long time., Recently I did a Google Hangout with him to talk about […]

The Week Ahead: Barron’s Roundtable — Too Cautious Like 2013?

The stock market got another monkey off its back last week as the ECB finally came through with a plan for quantitative easing that was slightly larger than the market expected. Stocks had already been rebounding ahead of this news and subsequently accelerated to the upside. This is despite the fact that no one can know yet if their plan will even succeed.

Every January, Barron’s has their Annual Roundtable panel where they assemble ten well known investment experts and get their thoughts for the year ahead. The first part was published last weekend and I always find it an interesting read.