Millennials And On-Trend Customers Hate Old-Fashioned Luxury (But Here’s How To Woo Them)

Young customers today including millennials, as well as the more on-trend among their elders, are turned off by ostentatious luxury cues in hospitality, retail, and other commercial settings, as well as stuffy, formal styles of customer service. Customer experience consultant Micah Solomon explains how to woo them with authentic design and genuine customer service: the luxury customer experience that works for today’s customer

UnitedHealth’s $43 Billion Exit From Fee-For-Service Medicine

Continuing the health insurance industry’s march further away from fee-for-service medicine, UnitedHealth Group (UNH) executives said this week they will increase value-based payments to doctors and hospitals by 20 percent this year to “north of $43 billion.” UnitedHealth, considered a barometer for the health insurance industry given its size, is rapidly […]