Our Upcoming Seattle Trip!

I am excited about our upcoming trip to Seattle! As previously mentioned, I will be in town the week of January 20th to interview Howard Marks at the annual Seattle CFA dinner.

I will also be visiting a few clients — and prospective clients — as well. So far, it looks like we be in downtown Seattle for much of the week, plus a visit to the Redmond campus of some small software start up, as well as making the trek to Bainbridge Island.

Those of you who are familiar with my investing philosophy, but want to learn more about our approach to asset management and financial planning, feel free to reach out. If you are interested in meeting with us, hearing our views on the markets, or simply discussing your own personal financial circumstances, give us an email or call.

Send email to Info -at- RitholtzWealth -dot- com, with the subject “Seattle Trip.”

Or call 212-455-9122 and ask for Erika.

Euro close to 1999 levels against dollar

Common currency was first launched at an exchange rate of $1.1789 versus the dollar and hit $1.175 on Thursday

The euro fell on Thursday to within a whisker of its value against the dollar when it was launched in January 1999.

The exchange rate hit $1.175, its lowest since December 2005, to continue the longest run of declining values in its history. The common currency was first launched at an exchange rate of $1.1789 versus the dollar and then fell slightly before recovering in value in the early 2000s. Recent eurozone data has proved weak, with inflation falling and unemployment rising. Italy remains in recession while France has seen confidence wane. Only Spain and Germany among the major economies have appeared to gain in strength, though Berlin has failed to kickstart GDP growth and Spain still suffers from 25% unemployment.

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