Six China Business Law Trends for 2015

China in 2015 will look much like China in 2014, only “more” so. If you are doing business in China, you should be on your guard for the following six things in 2015. 1. China will increasingly crack down on foreigners in China without proper visas. This is more likely to impact you […]

China’s “Illusion Of Prosperity” Exposed: Forget Ghost Cities, Meet Ghost Factories

Having exposed the 20+1 charts of China's demise previously, we move to Exhibit (a) in the “illusion of prosperity” that keeps the dream (looking) alive to the outside (mostly Western get-rich-quick fast-money) world – China's Zombie Factories…

“There are large numbers of companies across China that should go bankrupt but haven’t done so,” says Han Chuanhua, a bankruptcy lawyer at Zhongzi Law Office, a Beijing legal practice.