Sustainable development goals: eight ways to make reality match ambition | Alex Evans

The development targets that will come into force next year reflect high ideals, but delivering on them will involve a transformation of the global economy

Next year, governments will agree a new global development framework of breathtaking ambition. We already know the likely shape of the sustainable development goals (SDGS) , which will include targets ranging from ending poverty to reducing inequality both within and between countries; from better governance and peaceful societies to action on climate change, ecosystem restoration, and a big shift towards sustainable consumption and production.

But the real test of governments’ commitment isn’t the loftiness of the goals. It’s what they’re prepared to do to reach them. The SDGs are far more ambitious than the millennium development goals (MDGs), which they will replace, and delivering them will be harder. Unfortunately, there seems little prospect of a deal on delivery that is as ambitious as the goals themselves.

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