Dear Boss, Our 2015 Goals Are Impossible

Dear Stephanie, We hope your vacation was restful and fun. All of us on the team are excited to see you on Monday. Since we got your message with our 2015 goals attached and we had a chance to meet to discuss the goals today, we wanted to send you this email […]

How Google Is Making reCAPTCHA Simpler

VideoTo determine if a user is human, many Internet companies have implemented “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart” (CAPTCHA) technology into their websites. CAPTCHA generally involves typing in letters and numbers that appear in a photo above a text box. CAPTCHAs often appear before a user writes […]

Mesosphere Raises $36M, Launches Its Data Center Operating System

Mesosphere is a company that is commercializing the open source Apache Mesos project. Mesos itself is a cluster management platform that manages distributed hardware resources into a single pool of resources. Used for batch jobs and long-running services alike, Mesos provides developers an API to automate allocation and de-allocation of datacenter resources […]