How Obamacare Lowers Your Property Taxes

The Affordable Care Act, which is reducing the number of unpaid hospital bills, is also mitigating the property tax burden for counties and cities that subsidize care for the uninsured at publicly-owned health facilities. A snapshot of this trend can be seen in Cook County, Illinois, where the public hospital system […]

100 TB HDDs and A New Spin on Storage

Magnetic technology for storage and memory is developing to meet the needs of future mass-storage markets even as flash-based technologies eat away at higher performance markets. You can find out more about the development of HDDs, flash memory and spin-based MRAM devices at the Storage Visions Conference, January 4 & 5, 2015 in Las Vegas,

Is Manchester United’s Ed Woodward Ahead Of The Wave Or Just Weird?

Rivalries, some local, some regional, some national were central to marketing of the Premier League and from the late 90s in the first five years or so of the new century there was no rivalry that produced better and higher octane matches than Arsenal and Manchester United.

Ferguson against Wenger and Keane versus Vieira were far more than sidebars to the team rivalry as they each carried authentic bitterness and hate.
There is still a rivalry but it is now of the tepid variety. When the two sides lined up on Saturday at Emirates Stadium it was more a case who might be best able to challenge for the title of the best-of-the-rest.