New .bank Domains For Sale Soon

Sitting on the sofa in my house sipping coffee this morning and reading the news I saw a gem that leapt of the screen at me. First off, remember the good old days when we just had domains that were .com, .org and .net? Yeah, good times. Now, there is […]

New Filipino Character To Be Added To ‘Tekken 7′

Not wishing to stop with a girl in a fluffy cat costume, Namco Bandai are planning on adding a new Filipino character by the name of Josie Rizal to Tekken 7’s character roster sometime in the near future. Designed by Mari Shimazaki, of Bayonetta fame, I am guessing her name hasn’t […]

The Most Spectacular Easter Celebrations in Europe

While Easter to many of us means gorging on chocolate, dyeing eggs and waiting on a bunny to bring us treats, Easter Week in many traditionally Christian European countries is a fascinating time to witness centuries-old traditions and large elaborate religious processions taking over city streets. Here are a few of the most elaborate celebrations.