Elections pick losers, not winners. Cameron deserves to lose

Voters tend to identify the failures of governments rather than the potential of the opposition – and the failures of austerity have been plain to see

It has been my impression over the years that in the United Kingdom – still united at the time of writing – governments tend to lose elections rather than oppositions winning them. And if ever a government deserved to lose an election, it is this one.

Memories of prewar unemployment and the social insensitivity of the Tories were enough to drive Churchill out in 1945. But in 1951, having achieved much in a period when austerity was necessary and not a political stratagem, the Attlee government was tired and it was “time for a change”.

Austerity was meant to revive the animal spirits of business, but in fact did the reverse, as the Keynesians feared

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10 Notorious Tax Cheats: Pete Rose, Baseball Player

This year, Pete Rose applied again to have his lifetime ban on baseball lifted. Rose, who still holds multiple records in the sport, was banned from baseball after allegations he bet on baseball. A short time later, Rose answered allegations of another sort: that he cheated on his taxes.

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The response to my initial commentary on the drought problem in California was met with questions regarding my concerns for the impact on the agricultural sector.  According to comments then by Governor Brown, Ag had already been paying its fair share and would largely go unaffected.  His later comments were […]